A Brave New World looms on the Internet. Anyone who watched “The Great Hack” on Netflix knows how all the data collected from social media accounts and the internet can be merged and refined into an almost perfect profile of EVERY voter in America. That’s simultaneously both amazing and terrifying!

Europe is trying to regulate online data usage and ensure cybersecurity with a framework of regulation known as the GDPR. The question to be asking is does a similar structure work in the United States or is there even a need? Let’s face it – not a week goes by without a data breach of some kind from some well-known company.

Many, many questions need to be asked to understand this brave new world and this Blog hopes to explore as many as possible!

“I really believe that we don’t have to make a trade-off between security and privacy. I think technology gives us the ability to have both.” 

— John Poindexter

Published by Julie D. Blake

Julie D. Blake, Counsel Ms. Blake joined Pastore & Dailey LLC in 2013. Prior to 2013, Ms. Blake worked at national and regional law firms and even operated her own rural law office for five years. Her twenty years of experience in business and commercial litigation paired with a new focus on pragmatic cybersecurity and privacy law services, is a unique combination of skills. Ms. Blake earned a B.A. in history at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, where she was a McLaughlin Appellate Advocacy Competition winner. She expects an LLM in 2021 from Drexel University School of Law in Cybersecurity and Privacy Law.

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